• Encryption
  • Resource control
  • Authentication
  • Secure identities

The radar screen is our trademark. It represents the consistent focus on customer needs and technological development demonstrated by our range of solutions.

Our products and the carefully chosen solutions of our partners are easy to implement and work reliably.

Guiding principles

It-security as the main function

conpal wants to contribute to the environment of authorities and companies. Our motivation: offering the best solutions in our chosen segments.

Portfolio and Innovation

The radar screen is our trademark. With our special angle on it-security we evaluate the current developments (technological and market relevant) and use these insights for the benefit of our customers. When developing solutions, we include strategic relecant technologies and platforms and combine them with innovative approaches to increase their lifecycle.

Made in Germany

We develop our solutions in Germany. Timeliness, high quality demands and the consequent implementation of promised functionalities define our actions.


Our customers trust the advice and expertise that influences our products and solutions. We handle all customer information with care. We handle the assessment and the management of problem situations openly, transparent, proactive and solution oriented.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what drives us. A fair and cooperative relationship to our customers is important to us. Our business relationships are long-lasting and characterized by mutual loyality.

Commitment towards customers and partners

We are commited to partners and customers. We keep our promises and help to avoid problematic situations.