• Encryption
  • Resource control
  • Authentication
  • Secure identities

The radar screen is our trademark. It represents the consistent focus on customer needs and technological development demonstrated by our range of solutions.

Our products and the carefully chosen solutions of our partners are easy to implement and work reliably.


Encryption is the key tool for the protection of sensitive data.

The challenges lie in the implementation. Features of a good solution include intelligent key management for all kinds of user structures, easy assignment of rights, recovery, rollout and upgrade processes that function reliably, and needs-based self-help mechanisms for the user.

At conpal we bring together decades of experience in the area of encryption, which is then incorporated into the development of our own products and into components for partner solutions.

Endpoint security

Resource control for endpoint devices – a key element of stable IT infrastructures.

Effective endpoint security solutions govern the use of external storage media via port control, import and export data and the use of locally or centrally provided applications.

conpal offers a product especially for application control with finely adjustable configuration options. We offer additional resource control solutions through partners.


The importance of Authentication intensifies with increasing mobilization and service orientation when it comes to accessing applications and data.

Today's authentication methods are mainly certificate-based, easy to manage, combinable and they adapt to the protection requirements of the particular working environment.

For secure login to the Windows client, conpal offers a basic product that allows you to quickly implement a certificate and smartcard-based two-factor solution.

Our partner solutions also cover a wide range of combinable authentication processes from various technologies and standards (mTAN, Kerberos, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, OAuth/OpenID Connect etc.).

Secure identities

Identities are a central mainstay for the administration of system and user rights in a modern IT security architecture.

Often, they are not applied consistently, leading to fragmented user processes and patchy control of rights. This makes it difficult to enforce compliance policies or intervene quickly in the event of damage and it also complicates automated login (SSO).

With its streamlined Enterprise SSO solution, conpal offers a good entry point into identity and access management. Automated login processes for integration, especially for legacy applications, make a good starting point for the development of central identity management, which can then be expanded appropriately with an extensive partner solution.